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188金宝搏app苹果下载Harvey Performance Company展示了在线学习网络研讨会,覆盖复合材料和铣削和铣削挑战,这些棘手材料出现了。

Composite materials are leading the way in new aerospace, defense, energy, and transportation designs, making this a great change to get a leg-up on your competition by learning more about machining these materials of the future.

  • 复合材料性能和可加工性
  • 综合材料 - 超模问题和解决方案
  • 用于复合材料的切割工具选择和独特的工具几何形状

完成对m to access the recorded webinar, as well as resources on composite materials specially selected for you.

Conquering Composites: Overcoming Milling and Holemaking Challenges